Finally Christmas is over!!!

The months have passed with ease it seems. It went from Halloween to Christmas in the blink of an eye. In this time i have been working hard to finish this book, and now that I’m on the home stretch – working on the last chapter- I’m fairly sad that it is all coming to an end..

It has taken me close to six months to write this 70,000 + word novel, and i must say during this time i thoroughly fell in love with the characters. It’s nice to see how the story progressed and eventually turned out, which believe me was nowhere i thought it would have been in the beginning, as the characters really did shape and mold their own future together.

I have just printed off chapter fifteen to be edited and given a second opinion, and i admit i am more afraid of my father reading this than i am of any publishing company. Why i don’t know? because he has been my biggest support with writing. I think it’s just that his opinion means more to me, and i know above all else he will be absolutely honest if he does or doesn’t like something. So in the same respect he is both my best friend, and my biggest critique.

It’s hard to believe that christmas has only just passed, and already i am back to working hard on finishing this book. I thought perhaps i would be able to put it down over the christmas period? Like hell did i… Christmas eve, christmas day, and i was still writing. Of course not at my usual pace, but at a more leisurely enjoyable stroll and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

It kind of drums home how much of an author you are when your family buys you a coffee machine for Christmas. Though, i must admit, it is fantastic, i feel oddly American. I have had a wonderful, relaxing christmas and i am truly blessed to be surrounded by such great people. My only wish for the future is that i might be able to bring peace and happiness to other families throughout the world. I am one of those people that wish i could cure hunger, and take away peoples pain.

But i can only do so much.. and every day i pray for miracles for those people. x


Bound by Temptation Written by KHARISMA RHAYNE.

The first thing that caught be about this was the cover. I have read M/M romances before, I generally don’t mind them though I often find it hard to find a good writer, and a series that I enjoy. So I am, essentially a tough critique for this genre.

I’d give the cover a 3-5 – Because even though it caught my attention, I don’t feel it does the book justice and I don’t feel it relates to the writing very well. It doesn’t give you a general idea of what the book is about, but it’s a good cover none the less.

Secondly, I’d like to point out, as I should ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’. Kharisma Rhayne, truly has a very unique writing style with a vivid imagination. She, portrays the scene well, and even though I am a female, I found the first part to this that I read rather enjoyable. I didn’t find myself put off by any of the content, I think that it’s a good story, and well developed. However, I would of liked to see a little more detail? As it is erotica based, a little more detail would help get the creative juices flowing, if ya know what I mean.

Heat 4-5 As an erotica, the story is stimulating and not in the slightest off putting. It is a good well written start to a story that I personally would love to follow.

Thirdly, I would recommend this book to someone else that likes this genre, I find myself wanting to know what happens, whether the two resolve their issues. Whether they get to spend more time together as a couple, and finally out their secret. And, I’d love to know what happens, how it is received by the people around them. Would it cause conflict? I sure hope not. Anyhow. A very good read 🙂 Definitely a must have if you enjoy shirt M/M romances with potential and a dedicated author that will carry on a series.

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Happy Halloween! o,..,o Nano tomorrow… who’s scared?

First of all Happy Halloween everyone!! Safe trick or treating while being out there tonight. Are you reading a spooky romance tonight? Or watching a film?

Secondly… Nano starts tomorrow, and for those of you who doesn’t know what that is, it’s national novel writing month

The aim is to make 50,000 words in a month! which is both exciting and terrifying. Personally, even though i’d love to make that number, i know i won’t lol!! But i will still be taking part and you should too!

The way i am looking at it is, even if i don’t make that figure? it’s the taking part that counts, and it will add some much needed word count to my current wip FORBIDDEN.

So.. if you are taking part, and are sharing my nerves, feel free to post your name below and i will add you to my nano friends list..


I thought that.

It might be a nice idea to track my progress as an author. By having somewhere i can go back to and look upon, and possibly smile and remember the silly times where i doubt myself, or the great times where everything goes right.

I’m not one of those technical minded people, which is quite odd considering i am only Twenty Two. So, the whole networking dilemma that follows you when you try to breach into the world of publishing, is extremely difficult.

The truth is, It’s been challenging? at best, keeping my motivation, following other authors that i enjoy, but at the same time sitting there thinking “When will that be me? today? tomorrow? ever???” It’s true what they say, you should ignore all that mambo jambo, because, no matter how much you compare yourself to them, you aren’t ever going to have the same experiences as them.

Yesterday, my book FORBIDDEN went live, and i must admit, i didn’t sleep a wink last night. When i signed on this morning i found i had one sale… ONE! I know, but to me? one is so fantastic on so many levels. Then my fear goes onto, “I wonder what they will say? will they like it, hate it?” But what is the point? it’s no use worrying over it to the point of making yourself ill, no two peoples opinions are the same.. What i like, and the next person likes, will be disliked by someone else, that is, the whole point of being unique.

Anyway, just wanted to say i am absolutely chuffed. I am very happy, thank you to that one buyer, You really have made my day.. and here’s too another successful month x