Viking Love Series

Oh it’s official!!!..



David Ramsey Wrote; This was a very good book. The author really pulls you into the time period. You fall into the world she creates and fall for the characters. I got pulled into the book and couldn’t set it down. I loved how you get pulled into the time period and you feel like you are there with Harriot and on the edge of your seat to see what happens next.

Kirby Wagner wrote: Good story to read and holds your attention.

Emily Starr wrote: An early time frame for a historical and some really rich prose is on offer here, and your vivid words show a great imagination and an ability to construct an interesting story.
You clearly love your characters and have given them a level of depth and emotion which shows your enthusiasm for writing.

Carlie sexton wrote; I completely agree. You are a fantastic writer. Forbidden held me captive. I even stayed up late on school nights because I couldn’t stop reading. Awesome book

The Editors at Mills&boons wrote: We have read your submission with interest; you certainly know how to conjure up the historical period evocatively and authentically. The story is well structured, with charming characters and you have a very natural, fluid writing style. We feel that your style and voice show a great deal of potential.

Monica Hall wrote: I enjoyed reading Forbidden. Amber’s voice is strong and her characters come to life through the tension and twists in this Viking tale.

Mary Carver wrote: I started today and it was a page turner!!!


To Subdue the Viking – Release date not set yet !

[COMING] Her Viking King. – Release date not set yet!


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