Character Bio’s


Special information about my characters are placed here for you to read and enjoy.

Characters from Forbidden.


Character Inspiration – Guy Robinson.
Character Name – Ivar.
Character Age – Twenty Four years.
Character Description – Ivar has long Brown/Black curly chin length hair that frames his face. His eyes are bright blue, which smiles with his amusement. He is medium in build, but tall and rather lean. Ivar is Norwegian.
Character Personality – Ivar is very much a dark horse. He is quiet and calculating, along with being oddly confident in short bursts that even take him by surprise. His whole persona can change depending upon the situation around him, and even though he enjoys being alone with his thoughts. He finds he enjoys Harriot’s company more than he can explain.
Character History – Upon coming to Britain Ivar’s life and family was turned upside down. A raid gone wrong left a high number of his men injured. His brother taken and sold into slavery, and his wife along with others, dead. Revenge is what fuels his need to track the man who caused all these problems, and so much heartache down. But what he didn’t expect to find was Harriot, the man’s daughter, who despite his resistance some how manages her way under his skin.


Character Inspiration – Raina Hein.
Character Name – Harriot
Character Age – Twenty Two years.
Character Description – Harriot is slight in build, but she is small in height and her figure is well balanced and in proportion. Her eyes are Ebony in colour, and she had long black hair.
Character Personality – Harriot is rather unusual. She is out spoke, and very much switched on. But she is easily scared, and can be quite clumsy. She doesn’t always think things through properly, but she always had the best intentions at heart.
Character History –  Harriot’s mother commited suicide when she was young. Which left Harriot with alot of questions, and when faced with a step mother and sister she didn’t like, she became increasingly isolated.

Characters from To Subdue the Viking


Character Name – Ivy
Character Age – Twenty Two years.
Character Description – Ivy has green eyes and fiery red hair. She is pale in color, and medium in build. However she is short in height, and blessed with curves in all the right places.
Character Personality – Ivy is a timid but independent woman. She is determined, and will always make sure that her voice is heard in this male dominated world. She liked to believe she is two people in one, the princess, and her true self, because the confines of her world is suffocating, and she is afraid of loosing herself under the pressures of every day life.
Character History –  Ivy had a privileged but dull upbringing, Which always left her with a desire for adventure, But to do so she has to be anything but the princess she grew up as, and therefor she has been forced to create a whole new identity to escape her overbearing life.


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