A beautiful Four Star review of Forbidden x

AND! I AM CRYING gah e.e thankyou so much Gina. You have no idea how beautiful this review is.
Reviewed by Ginna Lamkie for Readers’ Favorite

Forbidden by Amber Maynard is a historical love story about the romance between a Viking, Ivar, and his Anglo Saxon hostage Harriet. When Harriet’s father’s estate is sacked by the Vikings and she is taken captive, she expects… the worst. She is surprised to be treated with a tenderness and respect that she doesn’t even find at home with her family. She knows her father is a bad man who treats others very brutally and is ashamed of his actions. Despite her best efforts, she falls in love with her captor. Harriet learns that the Vikings are looking for Ivar’s brother whom her father has taken captive. She decides to help them in the hope that she can remain with them after the battle.

Forbidden is a wonderful love story. I fell in love with Ivar from the first description of him. Somehow at the end of the story I knew who the bearded captive was before he revealed himself. I’m not sure if it was by design, or if it was because that is how I wanted the story to play out. I was happy things ended up the way they did in the end, although I did feel it was a bit abrupt. I would have liked to hear more about how Leland helped Ivar and Harriet rebuild their relationship.

There was just the right amount of action and adventure without drawing out the story until it became stale. Maynard has written this story in such a way that I could picture every detail. She is beautifully descriptive.


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