This is the very last snippet from To Subdue the Viking until it’s release!!! Enjoy.

She woke at the first calls of the birds shouting down at them for being in their homeland. An unusual blue hue stretched for as far as the eye could see, and she noticed with a struggling blink of her eyes that it was just before sunrise. A strange warmth emanated from beneath her, and she looked down to find Teare’s large body wrapped around her protectively. She was laying along him, her hips pressed up close between his legs as her body rested against his stomach, and her head against his chest.
His arms, corded and powerful circled her upper body. He was holding the folds of the blanket in on her to make sure that she didn’t get cold, and she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she should pull away. Untangle herself from the warmth and security he provided. Yet she had never felt so safe and reluctant to do just that. She could smell him, warm and manly. Feel the warmth seeping from his body into her own. She could sense how his largeness made her fragile bones look more dainty, and yet there was no other place in the world she wanted to be right now.

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