The fear of writing what you know because of the people it involvs.

Alot of authors, and alot of writing articles, will tell you to write what you know. It’s the truest most rawest form of writing from the heart. You re-live your experiences, through your characters eyes in order to add richness, and reality to a story.
For years now i have thought about writing a story that somewhat relates to what i went through when i was young. Being that im in a better place now mentally and physically, that should be easy right? Wrong.
I am still hindered from writing any form of domestic Abuse. I can’t bring myself to write a character that has suffered through the things that i have, as a child being brought up in a volatile situation. Not because the story would be hard for me to write (because it would be emotionally draining) But because, the persons involved won’t accept responsibility for their actions.
They are quick to throw slander in my face over something trivial, and even though i know what i saw and endured, fear of repocussions from the same individual that made my life a living hell, stops me.
It took years for me to pluck up the courage to explain to the people i love, and love me, just what i went through, or rather, they had an idea but the details were always unknown. The very worst part of it all is the person in question has somehow managed to convince herself of her lies, making them a reality but for her alone. Everyone else is to blame, but not herself.
Anyhow, back to my point. At which point in your life do you stop letting these people dictate what you do, and what you don’t? I’ve come a long way, I left her. I studied hard, and moulded myself into the person i am now, and through the help of my father and brother, i followed my dream of being a romance author. Here i am now… Published.
I want to be an inspiration to those that have suffered through domestic violence. I want them to know that no matter who is against you, or how big your fears are, you can overcome them, just like i did to reach this point in my life. I was always told i would never amount to anything, i was shadowed in the life of other more successful people at the time, and constantly put down because of how i felt or who i was. It’s an abusers way of keeping you under their thumb.
I don’t want you to give up on your dreams like i did because of them. Anything is possible, and I’m going to write that book.
What will you do?


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